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Dilaila from Dil & the Bear

Dil has been whipping up a storm in the kitchen since she was a teenager. An interior designer by training, she stepped into the world of food and flavours after catering for photoshoots in the deserts of the Middle East and developing delicious canapés for fashion shows in Dubai.

Now you can find Dil, with her love of food – and love of feeding people – at the coast in Tynemouth at Dil & the Bear. On reading our café menu, it’s clear that Dil’s inspiration comes from her global travels – and from the Cuban kitchen in which she grew up. For Dil’s bespoke event catering – email: dilandthebear@gmail.com

"My mother improvised with whatever she had available to her and brought a Cuban touch to our meals. Each time we moved she'd reinvent the local cuisine and put her own spin on it. I've inherited that desire to push the gastronomic boundaries."

Dilaila, The Chronicle, 2016


Head Chef Graeme, the man with the magical knives, has worked in kitchens across the North East since he was 16. He prefers to stay behind the scenes in the café but at home he can be found experimenting with his state-of-the-art dehydrator, inventing mouth-watering ice-cream recipes and concocting new vegetarian and vegan recipes for his nieces.

"Everything we make, we make by hand - which means we know what’s in all of our foods. It also means that if you want to adapt a dish on the menu to be vegetarian or vegan, we’ll do our very best to create something fresh, delicious and a little bit different for you."

Head Chef Graeme, 2018

Graeme from Dil & the Bear
A view of the counter at Dil & the Bear

Ready to order?

Welcome. Pick up a menu, find a table, and, when you’re ready – come and place your order with us at the counter.

And, if you want to take the tastes and flavours of Dil & the Bear home with you, our Cakeaway menu is perfect for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and christenings. And for outside catering in Newcastle? Email: dilandthebear@gmail.com

"The menu at Dil and the Bear brings global flavours together with local ingredients. If offers a fresh take on the combination of regional and international flavours."

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